Exclusive dealer - JINDAL ALUMINIUM

About us

 Supplying a wide range of aluminium alloys that includes – AA 1XXX, 2XXX, 3XXX, 5XXX, 6XXX, 7XXX and 8XXX, we are the first choice of customers of various manufacturing segments like Architectural, Aviation, Defence, Electrical, Electronics, Facade, Solar etc.

By adopting the latest technologies of Jindal Aluminium, our aluminium profiles uncompromisingly have superior surface finish, and good chemical and mechanical properties that meet international standards. Similarly, Jindal Aluminium assures us superior quality dies which are being used to produce intricate customised designs.

We have a dedicated quality system for checking the quality of the product. Starting from the testing of inward raw material to the final inspection before dispatch of our extrusions, our QA team at Jindal Aluminium assures that our products exceed the customers expectation in all parameters.

 All the Standard Sections given in the catalogue are generally available in Alloy 63400 & Temper WP (HE9WP) corresponding to IS-733 & IS-1285. The weights kg/m given in catalogue are the nominal weights. In practice, tolerance, alloy and such other factors will affect the final weight and a normal variation of + or - 10% should be expected.  Extrusions in alloys other than these would be subject to special enquiry.  

 If the particular section, required by you, is not given in the Catalogue, please Write to us to meet your specific needs. 

To avoid confusion and delay in the processing of enquiries and execution of orders, correct and detailed information about the desired sections are required.